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'Bodyscapes 2019' Exhibition

on display

March 1st at 6pm, to April 20th, 2019


Canvas Miami Gallery

3050 Biscayne Boulevard,

Miami, FL


'Bodyscapes & Carscapes' Exhibition

May 2nd to June 1st, 2019



26014 Oak Ridge Drive,

The Woodlands, TX 77380


'Bodyscapes 2019' includes 20 images
The Limited Edition Artworks ever produced from these images are:

• 20 Portfolios: 13x19in with twenty mounted, signed, and numbered photographs each.

• 5 Large Format Prints from each image sizes range from 20x30in to 80x40in. Collector buys a number in the series and decides final size of the print.

• 500 Books signed and numbered size, 8.5x11in. Download PDF Book
• Bodyscapes Music Soundtrack Produced by Gasu and Luca Siqueiros. It is 60min long, Limited Edition Soundtrack of 500 copies.
For more info and acquisitions please Contact Me


Artist Statement 'Bodyscapes 2019'

by Alfonso Corona


My strongest interaction with art has always been through learning, experimenting, and enjoying the unique ways each of us perceives and therefore assimilates the 'things' that make up our lives. 

The infinite meanings that we assign to everyday things, how we come to understand them, and therefore interact with them, have always been the core inspiration behind my artworks.

Through my art, I propose the introduction of new perceptual elements that create or re-define previous personal interpretations about certain elements or things, they aim to nurture a broaden the perspective of the spectators that interact with them. 

In this process of interactions with my art, I also aim to learn and understand more in depth, how to re-define my own understanding of things and the perceptual meanings I've come to assign to them.

In this 'Bodyscapes' series, I explore the subtle, classical, and beautiful lines of the human body from abstract perspectives that may also be perceived as landscapes.

I use black and white photography, a well-studied use of light, body textures, and perspectives as the preferred delivery mediums.

My main intention behind the creation of this series is to inspire abstract and serene feelings that emanate from my 'Bodyscapes' and their beautiful forms. Through my lens, I want to reflect positive feminine energy -or Ying, celebrating its delicate, vital, and wonderful influence in our World.

One of my life's passion is documenting textures, lines, and silhouettes that emerge from any natural workflow regardless of its surroundings, this series captures that flow, I'm grateful for allowing me to share it with you.

Alfonso Corona

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