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Alfonso Corona

I was born in Mexico City and have lived in the US since 2004, I lived in Miami for 11 years, then moved to Carmel, California and lived there for 5 years, then 3 years in Arizona, as of October 2021 I'm back in Miami. All these geographic locations and all my travels have nurtured my photographic eye in numerous ways that I hope to reflect on my images.


I graduated from Escuela Activa de Fotografia in Mexico City, December 1997 and haven't stopped taking photographs ever since.


At age 23 I was the youngest photographer ever to be featured in Architectural Digest. For 5 years I worked as Photography Professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, also Art Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and worked as IBO Professor for 7 years. 


I also worked as Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist for Global Agencies, Record Labels, Consumer Electronics Manufacturers and Publishing Groups in Europe and the Americas.


My Artworks belong to many Private and Public Art Collections in America, Asia, and Europe. Please contact me if you need further information about these acquisitions.


I'm also the registered Patent Holder of a water-ski product named ‘Wake Surf' since 1998. 


I am passionate about capturing a unique perspective of people, shapes, and colors. I am an avid observer of the quality of light, how it bounces, and reflects. The aesthetic approach I use is defined by a rich and balanced image language that communicates an alternate story and a parallel perception for the spectator.


To visit my old website with over 1,000 images please go to


Shows & Exhibitions


March 1st - April 20th

Solo Exhibition: 'Bodyscapes 2019'

Large Format B&W Photographs, Limited Edition Book & Portfolio

Canvas Miami Gallery, Miami, FL


August 2014 - December 2017

'Big Sur & Central Coast iPhonography'

Photography & C Circles Series.

Ventana Gallery, Big Sur, CA


December 2012 - December 2013

'Emerging from Within'

Solo exhibition: Sculpture Installations, Photography.

Dynamo Art CocoWalk, Miami, FL


October - November 2009

'Omni Overview'

Solo Exhibition: Photography

The Governor, Miami Beach, FL


September - November 2009

'The Jellyfish Installation'

Solo Exhibition: Photography & Art Installation.

Miami Beach City Hall.

17000 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL


June - August 2009

'6x6 Juried Art Show'

Collective Exhibition: Photography

Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NYC.


July - August 2009

'14th National Juried Competition Selection'

Collective Exhibition: Photography

Soho Photo, 15th White St. NYC.


October - November 2007

'Dream & C.A.R.E. for Miami'

Solo Exhibition: Photography & Installation.

Miami Children's Museum, Miami, FL


December - January 2006

'Kids, Cops & Cameras' Benefiting the Miami Police Department.

Solo Exhibition: Photography & Installation

Bank of America Tower, Downtown, Miami, FL


June - August 2006

'Manifesto Central'

Collective Exhibition: Photography & Installation.

Art + Gallery, Coral Gables, FL


October - December 2005

'De lo Minimo y Abstracto'

Solo Exhibition: Photography.

Club Fotografico de Mexico, Zona Rosa, DF


October - December 2004

'Arqueologia Urbana'

Solo Exhibition: Photography

Galeria el Pendulo, Condesa, Mexico, DF


June - July 2002 and July - August 2003

Photography Benefit Auctions

Cruz Blanca Neutral (a non-profit organization)


August - September 1997

'Estudio Abstracto'

Collective Exhibition: Photography

Galeria La Candela, Coyoacan, Mexico, DF



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